DELL Serivce Engineer

I had to have my DVDRW drive replaced today. Acutually, I should have done it more than 6 months ago but was really going all over the place plus I had an external DVDRW drive as a substitute. Thus, it wasn’t so crucial to replace the one that I have onboard my XPS 1330.

What I can say is that although my warranty expires in less than a week (which I am planning to extend for another whole year at a RM 700 price tag), the DELL Service team outdid themselves once more. They could have however made my experiece a lot sweeter if I had not have to wait about 20 mins on the phone in queue for their technical reps to assist.

Once all was set in place, a professionally trained service engineer was despatched right tomy doorstep and armed with a screwdriver and hundreds of hours of onsite training, he replaced my DVDRW drive in less than 20 minutes, a process that might take competitiors such as ASUS, ACER, HP or any other major brands a day or 2  to solve. On top of that, you would have to go through jams and pay parking fees, toll and hours of precious time to visit their service centres.

While I was doing all this, I took the opportunity to purchase a new battery as mine was only lasting 30 mins these days. A new once costed me RM 320 but it will surely be worth the money as I need that mobility, on the go. It says ‘Made in Japan’ on the back but that could be just a piece of the plastic 😛

Thank you DELL Malaysia !

One Response to “DELL Serivce Engineer”
  1. Izzat says:

    I had the same good experience with Dell Service. After a few technical correspondence via email, they dispatched an engineer to do motherboard, LCD and palmrest panel replacement right here in my office and all within an hour. Great job DELL!

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