MLM Business

I’m now seated right next to a booth in a restaurant where there are 4 ladies, 1 of them explaining in vivid detail with full confidence regarding the thousands and thousands of RM they will all earn after they sign up under her today.

She is so confident that she says RM 3,000 a month is nothing in the MLM that she’s doing. hmmm… ever been in the same situation. I have nothing against MLM, a very good business model. But I just wished that they focused more on helping others rather than just making money for themselves.

From a glance, I’m pretty sure that 2 or 3 of the girls who signup today will not be in this business for long because they only look fascinated with the money – the products are totally secondary.. but then again, I do hope I’m wrong.


4 Responses to “MLM Business”
  1. Zul says:

    Rightly put. I am not against MLM, but, more often than not, many people who jumped into this bandwagon were driven by emotion (and money), not by rationale and more importantly, passion. Eventually, it is a matter of time before their energy dies away and for them to realize they just got hit with a big sucker punch of life.

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  3. sarah says:

    they caused more troubles.. rather than helping

    bank loans, credit cards loans in order to earn big money…..

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