How LONG will your NOTEBOOK/PC last ?

I just happened to buy about 10 notebooks/PCs over the last 3 months.

Today, as we are coming closer to the end of 2010, more and more new software/applications are being created and released to the public. The web is getting wider and more complicated where its more of how users have the ability to add their 2 cents on top of any info/data that they are presented with.

So, the hardware also needs to keep up with the space and power hungry applications. A 1TB portable HDD is now very common. Crossing the TB mark shows how far the entire world has come over the past 2 decades. What I can remember is back in 1992 (only 18 years back), a 120MB HDD was sooooooo BIG and a whopping RM 950. At that time pretrol was only circa RM 1.00 per litre and RM 950 was enough to feed an average family household for a month.

Now at only 1/4  of the price, the HDD has grown by 10,000 times ! At the rate of how processors are being created and improvised, i5 and i7’s will not be in the market for long before engineers discover yet another way to triple processing speeds equivalent to a super computer 10 years ago.

One Response to “How LONG will your NOTEBOOK/PC last ?”
  1. maninov says:

    good post. thanks

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