Is Learning a Life Long Process?

How true is the above statement?

Being human, we tend to forget that learning new stuff every single day is very crucial BUT alas another one of those things that is ‘easier said than done’. At times, the more we read, learn and experience new information or skills, the more we realize that there is SO much that can be done in order to enrich our mind with a vast array of new ideas.

When learning something new, we also have the tendency to try and weigh the logics, validity and also preciseness of then given knowledge. The more we read, the more we try to question the subject at hand.

Sometimes, after a successful convocation and getting immersed in our own careers, we neglect the importance to keep up with pace of available information around us. New trends, new technologies, new laws, new SOPs etc. At times we also come to the conclusion that what we have acquired in the past 5 years is relevant enough to use for the next 20 years. Or is it?

I personally get a kick when trying to explain some ‘newly learned information/knowledge’ with others. How do they receive it? It solely depends on HOW i present it to them and also HOW close the subject matter in discussion is to their personal lives.

Sharing is caring. So, what new thing have you learned today?


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