The High Sky Price of Properties These Days

I attended a meeting around Damansara Perdana recently to view some of their latest offers. Duplex condos seem to be the in thing there nowadays since people want more space but land is quite hard to find in this area of the metropolitan.

So, building upwards is the solution. With duplex condos ranging from 2,500 sq feet to the penthouse unit at almost 10,000 sq feet, you’d really have to dig deep deep deep into your wallet for the 10% downpayment alone. Financing? Not a problem as there are many banks around as long as you are eligible.

With price tags ranging from RM 900,000 to just over a cool RM 4 million, it’s yours to live in, rent out or sell off upon completion.

Another option are office suites nearby Citibank Damansara Perdana.  Still under construction, bookings are open with an average price of RM 500 ++ per sq feet, the smallest unit just above RM 270k.

So, are they selling  merely a property or a lifestyle? With all the nearby amenities and also easy access to the KL City Centre via the Penchala Link, Sprint Highway and also DUKE, its quite a worthwhile investment to think about. Banks are all around, food is nice and if you don’t like shopping malls like the Curve or Ikea, there is always small cafes and restaurants in the nearby Kg Sg Penchala and also Taman Tun Dr Ismail.







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