Hospitality at a Wedding

Just to share an experience today. Was escorting the entourage of the bride to a wedding. Since they travelled by bus from almost 200KM away, their arrival was 45 mins early at the bridegroom’s house.

We were greeted by the ushers from the groom’s side.  Although everyone was already off the bus and quite tired after nearly 4 hours of travelling, the ushers were keen to bring us to a nearby mosque to sit and pass the time until they were ready to receive us.

In the end we ended up waiting for more than half an hour just within walking distance from the groom’s house. It was a hot day and some even brought kids along. Many were restless as they were tired, hungry and there were no refreshments served. Even cold plain water would have been more than OK.

Anyway, everyone went home tired but I guess it was not too bad as the food was OK, though it felt a bit less authentic.




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