Steve Jobs Documentary

The whole wide world especially those in cyberspace were very sad to learn the recent loss of Steve Jobs (born Steven Paul Jobs), the iconic human being behind the success of Apple which today is better known for the creations of the ‘i’ line up. Jobs was not only a strong believer of innovation but also an inventor as well as having excellent marketing skills, displayed again and again at every launch of a new product.

Wikipedia describes him as a ‘business magnate’ (

Here is one out of billions who have made an impact on how the children of today will live their lives in the time to come. His contributions to mankind might seem just like another computer geek but lets face it, how many can lose more than $100M, sacked from the post of CEO and then make a comeback and earning membership into the worlds prestigious ‘billionaires club’.

The way I see it, it was not so much about the money that drove his motivation but more of his desire to create something NEWer, BETTer, CHAPer, LIGHTer, THINNer and all more POWERful features.

Thank you Mr Jobs & may you rest in peace.





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