Congratulations to All Blacks 2011

After more than 2 decades of not being the champion, they did it once more. This time it was against France and who says there was no tension. At a final score of 8 – 7, many of the spectators at the actual game, at home and at restaurants (who offered FREE widescreen LIVE coverage of the event in  High Definition) around the globe were practically glued to the screen.

Honestly, I am not a rugby fan. However, having gone to a school which is still known for its active participation in rugby not only when the students are in school for over 5 years but also after they have left school to play on alumni and club teams. And today’s game was definitely a very very close fight.

I quote the Otago Daily Times as reporting, “By the slimmest of margins and courtesy of the most unlikely hero, the All Blacks’ 24-year wait to recapture the World Cup ended in astonishing circumstances at Eden Park tonight”


Today is a victorious day for New Zealanders across the globe and am sure they will enjoy some sort of national holiday or something in that manner.

I can’t say the same for another team in another sport who were beaten 6 – 1 (on their home ground !)


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