A Futuristic Clip by Microsoft

Have you watched this clip?


It looks a something cut out from Star Trek but I do believe that we are more than halfway there. Using the advancement of technology, the world as perceived in the future will encompass the full utilization of applications and internet connectivity will not only be ultra fast BUT all and around us.

The connection speeds that we enjoy now are more than 100 times faster of what we had 10 years ago. The size of hard disks, 20GB in the year 2000 has now jumped to 2TB for standard issue entry level PCs. The Web itself has evolved by allowing more than just browsing but multiple interactions across communities and societies thousands of miles apart.

This all translates into accelerating the human ability to learn online.

Although many are aware of this phenomenon, not everyone likes learning new things or trying different and simplified approaches to complete routine tasks. In return, we should have more time to do all the other more important things in life as depicted towards the end of this clip.

Looking forward to hear your comments.


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