Life Insurance and Smoking

Since this topic (Hiding Smoking from Life Insurance) gets more than 2 dozen hits every day, here is some more info that might help. It’s mainly a discussion based on this scenario :


“Our family is shopping for life insurance. My husband smokes 1-2 cigarettes a day and wants to quit, thus he thinks this “light” smoking should not be mentioned to the insurance company to keep premiums low. I am, however, concerned that in the future a claim may be denied if the company finds out, so it is better to pay up and be safe. Has anybody had issues like that? How can I convince him?”


Some of the answers :

1. Well, that’s kinda dumb to not mention it, as they’re going to TEST for it, and it’s going to come up positive. Denying tobacco use isn’t going to do anything except annoy your agent (after all, he’s trying to work for you, and you’re lying to him!) and get you declined.

If you’re buying a very small policy, like $10,000, where they won’t test, then yes, the company can deny a claim based on fraud – which is what he’s doing.

Next time he complains about insurance rates, remind him that the high fraud rates (and attempts) help contribute to high rates – and HE advocates fraud


2. Ask your husband if he ever heard of “insurance fraud”? Yes, your claim most likely would be denied when they cut your husband open and see his lungs are full of tar.

3. Absolutely be truthful with them. If you are not and a condition develops which may cause death they can say a pre-existing condition (the smoking) contributed to it and you would get NOTHING….probably wouldn’t get your premiums back either. Remember, smoking can contribute to almost every facet of the human body so do not be foolish and refuse to give the information. No insurance company…Life or Health…will cover a pre-existing condition that was not revealed when a policy was taken out. The truth always wins out. Good luck.


[Read the FULL DISCUSSION here]

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