8 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

As a salesperson, it is always a challenge to put the interests of the CILENT before your very own every single time a sale is made, especially those high net worth clients who can afford just about anything…

Here are eight rules for making this happen :

1. Have a sales philosophy that emphasizes relationship building.

2. Define a unique niche and become the customer’s expert on it.

3. Help the customer build the customer’s own business.

4. Translate what you offer into the customer’s business results.

5. Value the relationship more than making your quota.

6. Think end-of-time friendships, not end-of-month totals.

7. Achieve a perfect job of delivering what you’ve promised.

8. Provide absolutely impeccable service after the sale.



Source : http://www.linkedin.com/news?actionBar=&articleID=5570077091883384846&ids=d3gRd3AOd34UejoRdzwUejoRdiMNc3wSejAVdz4RejkOdz4VdzkRb34SdjoNdP8PdjgTczkQd3ASdjkIdzgUd3wPcPwUcjAMdPsMc3sRdiMNejwMdPASe3wTd3wOdjwVdzkR&aag=true&freq=weekly&trk=eml-tod2-b-ttl-1&ut=0tiR2LcqVmMB41


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