How Time has become the Main Commodity

I was sending a BBM message to a friend who was attending a meeting in New York USA. Just trying my luck if he could get me one of those I Love NY t shirts as I knew he had a jammed packed schedule. On top of that, the 20 hour journey from KL to NY excluding transit along with the time difference does make you very tired and stressed out.

The next morning, I sent a message via FB to another friend who was attending a conference on in Houston, Texas. What a small world as both of these friends knew each other and both also lived near Kuala Lumpur here in Malaysia. Ironically, due to heavy travelling and long working days, they barely met once a year.

Just by coincidence, friend no 1 was also in Houston the next day attending a meeting. I do hope the 2 of them met up for coffee as I had informed them previously of each others schedule.

What a small world ! 


One Response to “How Time has become the Main Commodity”
  1. WB says:

    And you didn’t order an “I Love Houston” T-shirt?? Poor Houston hahaha.. 🙂

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