Taman Negara, 18 Years Later

Early this month, I attended a team building event organized for 30 staff of Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Putrajaya. Since the concept for this event was set to be in the woods for the purpose of outdoor adventure coupled with indoor team games and lectures, Taman Negara became the selected venue for 3 days and 2 nights.

Being on the organizing side, we had to spend a few extra days in Taman Negara for the event setup.

The last time I was in Taman Negara was back in 1994, just before my PMR examination. My father thought it was best to spend a week in the Malaysian tropical rainforest to study in peace (or so he thought). During those days, you could only get to Taman Negara Resort (near Kuala Tahan) from Kuala Tembeling via a 3 hour boat ride. Today, the journey to Kuala Tahan can be done by car and a 5 min boat ride will allow you to cross the river into Taman Negara.

The flagship resort, now known as Mutiara Taman Negara (http://www.mutiarahotels.com/taman-negara/) previously known as Taman Negara Resort sits at the main entrance to Taman Negara.

There are many activities for nature lovers. Jungle trekking, camping, water rafting, cave dwelling, mountain climbing and fishing just to name a few. I do hope that in the near future, the management of the resorts would take some initiative to upgrade their facilities and enhance the beauty of the facilities which they have inherited from their predecessors.

Currently home to the world’s longest made made canopy walkway, spanning 510 m at a maximum height of 50 m, this is  a major attraction that you would NOT want to miss – unless you’re afraid of heights that is. In order to reach the starting point of this walkway, one would have to go on a 1.2km hike in the rainforest. Sounds easy ? Imagine slowly walking in the middle of  heavily populated forest ground by flora and a few (you would not want to meet) fauna with mud, hills and tree roots every 3 – 5 steps.

Food is really nice as there are a lot of fresh fish around. Mineral water is a must to be carried at all times as we need to ensure that our body is adequately hydrated. The local folks are quite friendly and also helpful. Although the days are hot, the night is very cooling as we are surrounded by forests.

Although mobile signal receptions are far better than 2 decades ago, there are still some blind spots within the thicker jungle area. And from what you see in the forests and around you are for your eyes only. The only thing that you’re allowed to bring home are pictures and whatever is sold in the souvenir shop.

Thank goodness that as at today, we still have the opportunity to preserve our forests and wildlife.

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    Thanks for sharing, I share your experience with others at Taman Negara FB –

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