First Time in KL?


According to the daily stats on this site, the majority of readers are from the USA, Canada, and around Europe. Anyone planning to come to KL for a visit, especially for the 1st time?

Maybe we could meet up over coffee and I’ll show you around some of the ‘must see’ places not just within the city centre but also that of suburbia.


Sometimes I see tourists from overseas wondering around and not actually knowing where to go. Its a pity to not see the so many ‘Malaysian’ things, cultures apart from shopping malls in the KL Golden Triangle as I’m sure you might have a lot more back home. Once I was in Langkawi and met a very young Australian couple who just arrived for their honeymoon. I was there for a conference. So since I had a car waiting for me and their hotel was just on the way to mine, I gave them a lift.


Too bad I was tied up with business to run away for supper or a drink with the couple as it looked like they were nature lovers from the gear that they brought with them. Experience the food (from Malay, Chinese ,Indian and a fusion of origins), the night market, the kampung atmosphere and many more.

“Malaysia, truly Asia”.

One Response to “First Time in KL?”
  1. Raqi says:

    I brought home my 3 Russian friends when they transit in KLIA for 9 hours last year. They had some light snacks, they really enjoyed our satay ….. 🙂 .. And one thing beyond my expectation, they took photos and videos of our banana tree behind my house…. and posed!

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