Digital Photos

Its been a week since I started to look into this issue once more. The more you look, the more you keep thinking, “what in the world am i going to do with all these photos?”

And just when you thought you are starting to make some progress in terms of organizing & categorizing, think again ! With the progress of the digital age, a family photo album spanning 50 years can be summed up into a small thumb drive.


Anyone out there with the best cataloguing solution to this mess? Printing them out is totally a NO-NO. That would definitely result into a bigger mess !

Based on the summary below, I have nearly 230,000 pics on my HDD !!! wow ! not bad for a 50 year collection. Anyway, just to be fair, this folder also includes some artwork that I use in publications and designs. So no big issue as I would assume 50% more or less are actual photos that were shot or scanned.


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