A New Variation of Cigarettes

Have you come across a pack of Marlboro or any other brand that has the ‘menthol ball option’ as per image below?


A smoker now has the ability to ‘supercharge’ his cigarette with a sudden burst of menthol, giving that fresh ‘icy’ puff effect. Alternately, if he just wants the regular flavour of tobacco, there is no need to carry 2 packs around all the time. This is how creativity and innovation has inspired the staff at the R&D department. Wow !


More sales for cigarettes worldwide? Whatever the reason, smoking is still hazardous to your health.

One Response to “A New Variation of Cigarettes”
  1. ermanh says:

    Aku first jumpa ni last year, or was it two years ago. Believe it or not, it was Sampoerna.

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