Overheated Dell XPS M1330

About 3am yesterday, my notebook suddenly shut down. I tried to restart but upon reaching the Windows welcome screen, it shut down once more without any warning.

Good thing I had my iPad with me. I surfed on Google and found that it was eventually a dirty fan issue located just above the Intel mobile processor, on the motherboard. Having seen the Dell technician do this in front of me a few times, gave it a go and viola ! All good and well.

Of course other suggested causes were software crash issues and blown circuity. After completing the Dell Diagnostic test (hold down F12 upon boot up), it all seems OK thus far, alhamdulillah. Yesterday, even the diagnostic test failed which I concluded was the auto shutdown feature based on the core processor’s escalating heat.

Only tonight did I discover a video on the procedure which I carried out this morning just in case anyone might have a need for it in the future.


Here is a forum which might also be of use to anyone encountering the same problem on a XPS M1330.



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