PPM 2013 (HKSBP)

PPM 2013 (HKSBP)

My friends know that I’m not a fan of any major sport but when it comes to supporting our school team, then everyone chips in their energy, time and money.

Yesterday history repeated itself after 22 long years of waiting. SDAR finally brought back the challenge trophy for the 6th time since our first win in 1973.

Congratulations to SDAR Redwings. For the rest of your life, I am sure you will always cherish the meaning of 1 single point.


Below is a write up by bro Yazdi Che Ya, SDARian 91 :

The Champ is Back!

It was a great morning and I was glad I took the day off to witness the return of the Champion, the true Champion. The SDAR Basketball team.

The game started a few minutes before 10 in the morning and SDAR was represented by a team of 12 fine young men in white uniforms; uniforms that bear the badge and symbol of a school, a fraternity of men, whose fighting spirit knows no bound. This team of 12 dribblers shoulders the hopes of inspirations of thousands upon thousands of Sdarians who waited patiently for 22 year for the return of the PPM Basketball trophy to its rightful owner: Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak


The game started and Redwings took off. Playing like a true champion, they steamrolled over the stunned Sains Kuching (SK), leaving the latter totally speechless. SK’s bench was silent and their coach was gobsmacked as sdar took an early 32 – 17 lead in the first quarter. (I regretted no knowing the players better (hence their names) but I will try to give out the names as the best as I could and please correct if  I am wrong).

Notable in the first quarter Redwings No 10 and 11 handling the ball and controlling the game for sdar. And our No 9 and 5 were UNSTOPPABLE! Hitting the basket, slicing and dicing through SK’s defense as if they were not there. No 4 ? Let’s just say SK has absolutely no answer to our mighty Hambali Ramly. Standing head and shoulders above the opponent, SK could only look and pray as Hambali dominated and attacked in the paint. SDAR dominated the rebound on both ends of the court. The team ended the quarter in high spirit and the supporters went wild!

Semua Piala Senarai Pemenang PPM 2012 Statistik Jumlah Kemenangan

SDAR carried the momentum into the second quarter, leading as much as 45 – 23 in the quarter. They have the crowd behind them and I suspected that that was the reason I felt that the ref started making some questionable calls. That gave SK a hint of hope and they capitalised it by mounting a comeback, bringing the score to 50 38 at one point. SDAR was caught on a backfoot and tried hard to break the SK run, but the pressure and frustrating calls by the refs took a toll on the team. The peak was when No 9, Shukri, one of our force was called for a questionable foul and was out for the rest of the game. The odds were stacking up for the team.

But the team soldiered on, led by Kazi, Hambali, No 5 and and No 11. SDAR is definitely the better team. The quarter ended 50-39.

During the half time break, someone yelled at the ref not to be emotional lah. Entahlah sapa mamat tu.

The second half things looks to be back to normal and sdar started to run away again from the game, taking the lead 59 42. But then SK started to make their run again and SDAR seemed to be unable to get their shots to drop. But the quarter ended with a comfortable 68 – 55 lead.

But in this funny game called basketball, there is a thing called a run; a streak which is the freak of the game. And SDAR faced exactly that in the last quarter. SK seemed to be on a new high and mounted a very tough and ‘lucky’ streak. Most of their shots, from inside and beyond the arc dropped as if the basket is as wide as a football goal post. From 74-59, SK pulled to 77 -75. One of our star playesr, No 5 was also fouled out. The odds are staking up against us again. Deja Vu flashed in my head. But our courageous redwings digged deep inside and played their hearts out. It was sheer willpower. Then SK hit a 3 point and went to lead 77 – 78 with about 3 minutes left in the game. The coaches called timeouts and prepared each team.

When the game resumed it was clear anxiety has taken over. Both teams were hungry for the win and they played their hearts out.


But SDAR left their best weapon for the last. Hambali stepped up and played tough inside getting fouled and went to the line. Two free throws and SDAR was back up 79 – 78 with a minute to go. It was a very intense moment because if SK had scored, there is a high chance SDAR would not have enough time to make a shot after that. It was full man-to-man pressed and the boys fought fatigue, fought anxiety, fought fear and everything to hold on to the lead. It was one of the longest one minute of my life.

When the siren went of, the whole stand rushed down to the court and everyone cheered and cried at the same time. It was a sight to behold, from 60 to 16 years old, everyone was one, was united, again, as the Champion!

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  1. Raqi says:

    Skarang budak SDAR main basketball dah tak payah pakai tracksuit…. dah tak babut dah…

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