PPM 2013 (HKSBP)

My friends know that I’m not a fan of any major sport but when it comes to supporting our school team, then everyone chips in their energy, time and money. Yesterday history repeated itself after 22 long years of waiting. SDAR finally brought back the challenge trophy for the 6th time since our first win … Continue reading

Flying Cars

I was only 6 when I watched the first movie of the Back to The Future trilogy. At the end of the movie, everyone was amazed on how the time machine on wheels was upgraded with a hovering mode in the 21st century (2015 to be exact). We are now less than 2 years away … Continue reading

2005 DeLorean?

If such a car were to exist, you’d better hope Mr Fusion is there to run the engine… 🙂

1 JAN 2013

We have just entered 2013. May we become more prosperous, dedicated, generous yet humble human beings.

First Class Airline Cabins

Here are some pics I found on the Web. Its really nice to travel on 1st Class. Business Class is also 3 times better than Economy. Of course, what ever the matter, we should be thankful as there are people who have never flown on an airline all their life. Here are the pics in … Continue reading

Roti Canai (the Malaysian Version)

Getting a good plate of roti canai is sometimes an issue. Some like it soft, some like it crunchy, some like it moist, some like it dry. And the condiments that go with it could be dhal gravy, chicken curry, fish curry, meat in soya sauce gravy and the list just goes on. For Malaysians … Continue reading

Overheated Dell XPS M1330

About 3am yesterday, my notebook suddenly shut down. I tried to restart but upon reaching the Windows welcome screen, it shut down once more without any warning. Good thing I had my iPad with me. I surfed on Google and found that it was eventually a dirty fan issue located just above the Intel mobile … Continue reading

Crossing the 200,000 Mark

This was my posting on Facebook just a few minutes ago. Thank you to everyone who have been dropping by from time to time to read and share your ideas on drnaz.net Readers from the USA, Malaysia and the United Kingdom are the top 3 ranked based on yesterday’s statistics.

How Many Types of Dates are There ?

I attended an iftar (breaking fast event) a few days ago and was served with 4 different types of dates (known as tamar / tamoor or kurma in Malaysia). With Ramadhan just crossing the midway mark as of yesterday, I wonder how many types of dates there really are worldwide as even in Malaysia, when … Continue reading

A New Variation of Cigarettes

Have you come across a pack of Marlboro or any other brand that has the ‘menthol ball option’ as per image below? A smoker now has the ability to ‘supercharge’ his cigarette with a sudden burst of menthol, giving that fresh ‘icy’ puff effect. Alternately, if he just wants the regular flavour of tobacco, there is no need … Continue reading