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  1. Prakash says:

    Hey Dr. Naz,

    Very resourceful postings on your website especially on insurance and protection planning. So what do you do for a living?

    Fellow Malaysian

  2. Nabil Feisal says:

    Hi my name is Nabil Feisal and I’m from

    I would like to have a quick chat with you in regards to your blog, – specifically this is about an invitation as a beta tester for a service my company is releasing.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day and take care.

    Best regards,
    Nabil Feisal
    Business Development Manager

  3. poppye 915 says:

    bro, can i still purchase the sdara offical tie and the 50th anniversary car sticker? good job you’ve done, i see.
    oi prakash. kau ingat aku lagi tak?

  4. drnaz says:

    Yessir ! just drop me an email at … btw, we switched blazers back in 1996 right? hehe! thanks bro. u can reach prak at He’s currently working in London

  5. Calvin Soh says:

    Hi Nazir,
    Fellow AIAer here from Kuching, Sarawak. A very resourceful pages. Thumbs up for your effort. You should put “Ethical Selling” on the site la. U know which companies i refer to. Catch u in sales congress next year. C Ya

  6. drnaz says:

    Thank you Calvin!

    Oh yeah… I agree to your point. Will do! Thanks a lot man!

  7. Suraini says:

    Thank you for the card. Just Received it.

  8. drnaz says:

    You’re welcome. Tq for dropping by.

  9. oreno says:

    syarikat kami menganjurkan kursus penternakan lintah secara komersil di Ipoh jika berminat sila hubungi en.Azwan 016-527 4471, kami juga membeli lintah dengan harga yang menarik

  10. New Zealand says:

    Shonky Operator

    Beware of Roger Hamilton and XL Results Foundation

    I recently received an invitation to a presentation in Wellington by Roger Hamilton from XL Results Foundation.

    The topics of the meeting included personal profiling, wealth creation, and business success. I figure I always have something to learn.

    He does this all around the world.

    I attended the evening event, and also the follow-up breakfast meeting the following morning. What I witnessed was quite disturbing – to the extent that I am moved to comment on it, as well as to alert the organisation that promoted it to me.

    Roger Hamilton is an interesting and entertaining presenter. Give credit where credit is due. He is a clever guy, he shared some good ideas, and I learnt something for sure.

    However, his core purpose is not to inform. The whole thing is a sales process.

    Well, in business there’s sales and there’s sales. I am not qualified to comment on legalities, but I am surprised that what he is doing does not cross over the boundary into being classified in New Zealand as an illegal pyramid scheme.

    Either way, he certainly crosses the boundary of ethics and honesty, very skillfully using psychological techniques to deceive and manipulate.

    As a result, I saw a large number of people part with a large amount of money, for a product which is not worth a small fraction of what they paid, in response to vague and misleading information and straight out lies.

    Sure, they signed their names voluntarily, and people have a right to make their own impulsive decisions, and to pay money without doing due diligence if they so choose. So that’s all accepted.

    But it’s still a nasty scam.

    In researching about it afterwards, I found a number of web sites and blogs where others have similar concerns. On one of those, the author asks “How you feel when you hear about people being swindled in the same way – do you let it happen, ignore or speak out?” I think I will speak out at any opportunity.

    Having said that, I need to try and be succinct. So, what was for sale? Life Membership of Mr Hamilton’s little club. What is the price? $NZ14,500 per person if paid on the spot, or $NZ17,500 if paid in instalments over 12 months. Is there an opportunity to review any hard information before making a commitment? No.

    Here’s a brief overview of the sales process:

    The man with the gift of the gab gets everyone real hyped up.
    Those who “resonate” with the hype have to fill in the application form.
    After that you get told the price.
    After that, you compete to be one of the 5 who will be accepted (except that after the first 5, they keep accepting people anyway – there were 10 who took the plunge when I was there).
    After that, you have to give your credit card details, and sign the form which states no refunds.
    After that, you get some specific details about what you get for the money.
    Well, that last point is a tad unfair, I admit. During the course of the talk, you do get some snippets of information, in very emotive and general terms, about Life Membership. But certainly not enough to base a rational decision on.

    Pretty much what it comes down to is:

    Subscription to a monthly magazine – lots of advertising and the occasional interesting article.
    Potential benefits of social networking with other members. Sort of like a private LinkedIn.
    The opportunity to contribute to charities, in some undefined way.
    An income opportunity by getting a 10% cut of the membership fee of people you refer (this was not mentioned at the meeting, I found out about it later).
    Attendance at a whiz-bang function.
    Access to life/business coaching.
    $14,500?? C’mon!

    On the face of it, the coaching aspect sounds like the most meaty of the offerings. But then, if I’m going to get coaching, I need to find a coach I can “click” with.

    I have no idea, of course, about any of the coaches within that organisation. There was one of them at the meeting I attended, and I sure wouldn’t have “clicked” with him.

    But you would have to assume that the coaches are all people who at some stage have been through the same process I observed. That means they are not representative. It means they are people who are able to be swayed by excitement. It means they are people who have demonstrated their willingness to invest large amounts of cash without proper consideration. It means they do not have a well-developed ability to detect unethical behaviour. It means they are not for me.

    So that’s the value for money aspect. But in the end, it is primarily the snake-oil tactics that I am upset about.

    Something just really got to me about this. Because I saw it first-hand, I suppose. It was certainly amazing to see the vulnerability of some folks, and to reinforce my belief in the concept of consumer protection.

    Which is simply my point… Watch out!

  11. tengcherng says:

    Dear Drnaz,

    My name is teng cherng, 22 years old. I’m currently studying at UTAR, accounting course.
    I’m very interested in the topic of increasing young bankruptcies among credit card holders. Just wanted to know where i could find out more details about this particular topic.
    It has been my pleasure and honour to be part of your network.May this network be part of all Malaysians.
    Have a great day. Regards.

  12. arshad says:

    deat sir,
    i just want to join for pg as a correspondent course in saudi arabia. can i join ..? now im working in riyad. infact im from india. expecting ur guidance.

  13. azman bin mohd aris says:

    bagaimana caranya saya ingin membina pencawang di atas tanah milk saya.

  14. iqbal says:


    I am in Saudi Arabia working in one of a company. I want to study PG economics in saudi Arabia with ScholarShip.

    Please give me your valuable advise,

  15. iqbal says:


    I am Iqbal. Allready send email to you. Waiting for your reply.

  16. Adamu Usman says:

    Hi my name is Adamu usman i will love to study in saudi arabi but i need a scholarship..

  17. iqbal says:


    how r u ?
    I am Iqbal I need information about study PG economics inSaudi.

    Please advise

  18. Assalamualaikum Bro,

    One man could make a difference, yeah……

    I’m Sdarian 87-91, just missed One year to meet up with you at SDAR. I think we have met several times on other occasions, Ok cut short to the point. Please do email me as we have now opened up a new division at ITE and I have proposed your good office to help our new formed sales team in creating values to our customers. Let me know whenever you’re free to catch up. Call me at 016-9201829, we could have some philosophical sparring together though….. 🙂

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