Vespa Restoration

I came accross this article in The Star this morning. It reminded me of some childhood memories on some of my relatives who previously owned this classic masterpiece of engineering & the rides that I was privelliged to go on them. I do recall that those Vespa’s which I had the opportunity to be a … Continue reading

The 2009 BMW 3 Series

I know a friend who has been waiting for this all year. Well here it is now. Read the full details here :

Tyre Hunting

What is it that really makes a tyre ‘good’ or ‘great’ or ‘comfortable’ or ‘grip’? I had the opportunity in October to survey the local tyre market, mainly the so called top/good brands as defined by the ordinary user on the street without much biased opinions. Their comments were based on personal experience and after … Continue reading

The Weekend Car Flee Market

I have yet to witness this local weekly event that heavily attracts motor enthusiasts. I hope that 1 fine day, I’ll be able to find the time to check it out as I am a true fan of ICE (in car entertainment) which sometimes is better & a lot cheaper to buy 2nd hand, especially … Continue reading

Some comments on Knight Rider 2008

At the moment, I still haven’t seen the pilot episode. What I have seen though, are the short previews on Youtube. You can see one of them here After reading more than 200 comments all over the Web, what I can sum up is : A Pontiac would have been preferred compared to a Ford … Continue reading

Knight Rider 3000 (K.I.T.T. 2008)

Yes, the much awaited rebirth of the famous 1980’s series ‘Knight Rider’ is here! I’ve always been a mojor fan of this to the extent that I even had the experience in sitting in one of the 11 original KITTs used on the actual TV series that was on display at Universal Studios in the … Continue reading

The Emergency Lane ‘KILLS’ again…

The Star Online : Sunday December 30, 2007 Another fatal expressway crash BATU PAHAT: A second fatal accident in a week involving a bus ploughing into cars parked at the emergency lane occurred along the North-South Expressway early yesterday. Chee Wei Wah, 31, was burnt to death, as he could not escape from his burning … Continue reading

First Appearance on

CLARION Head Unit for Wira/Waja (Please Click here for details) ZO Parametric Equalizer (7 Band) Please Click here for details

The Emergency Lane ‘Kills’

Next time you need to pull over on the emergency lane and get out of the car for any reason, please ENSURE that you stay BEHIND the guard rail. The Star Online : Sunday December 23, 2007 Driver, mechanic helping him killed on highway By SARBAN SINGH SEREMBAN: A driver whose car had stalled and … Continue reading

Flat Tyre Holiday

Salam Aidiladha to all readers of this blog! Starting mid afternoon yesterday, many city folks from all around the Klang Valley were heading back to their kampungs. North, South and the also to Eastern coast of Malaysia. This caused a massive jam not only within the city limits but also up to Nilai, heading north … Continue reading