I happened to have a meeting with an executive director of an oil and gas company this morning. After settling all the issues regarding insurance, he explained to me that his company is on an expansion process. One of the staff he was looking for was a secretary. He then showed me a folder with … Continue reading

Valet Parking @ KLIA

For all you busy businessmen out there (me included)… I really hate to park indoors and later walk about a few kilometers to get to the main terminal building. But then again, its an RM9 difference. Take your pick ! The Star : Sunday July 29, 2007 Car jockey service at KLIA a boon for … Continue reading

An advice frm Marcus Raney Dios (top blood donor)

The Star : Sunday July 29, 2007 Become donors, Dios urges youngsters KUCHING: Marcus Raney Dios, the country’s top blood donor, has been fit as a fiddle for many years. “I cannot remember the last time I fell sick. “I have never taken sick leave except after I met with a road accident in 1996,” … Continue reading

Maybank Credit Cards on weekends

I was queuing up at the check out counter in a TESCO outlet this evening to buy some groceries. Since payday has just passed and it was Saturday night, all and sundry were out shopping for their monthly provisions. With the recent pay rise for all 1 million over government servants, the queue was very … Continue reading

Teh Tarik anyone?

For me, teh tarik halia (ginger) has always been my favorite. Gets all that unwanted ‘air’ out of your sistem. For some people, this famous local drink has become a daily craving, like that of the caffeine from a morning cup of Starbucks coffee. I don’t know who actually coined the term ‘TT’ which stands … Continue reading

Some info on breast cancer

The Star : Sunday July 8, 2007 Aftermath of breast cancer Breast reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy can often help a patient on the road to full recovery, enabling her to be able to look and feel just like before. ONE in 19 Malaysian women are at risk of having breast cancer. Early detection might … Continue reading

A pic of Ms Sharon

I found this in The Star Online archives… Ms Sharon is the 1st from right. The Star : Sunday July 8, 2007 Extra care Lee Kah Yen, Wendy Yit and See Wai handing in their C4R 2007 entry to Ovinis. WORRIED that their posters might get damaged if they sent them via post, team The … Continue reading

153 pints of healthy blood

Congatrulations to Mr. Marcus Raney Dios who holds a world record for the highest number of blood donations for a human being. His contribution to the human race for the past 3 decades is priceless! Read on how he keeps fit, among them, a life without sugar. Wow! The Star : Saturday July 28, 2007 … Continue reading

Use EPF to buy Critical Illness insurance

Source : NST Online, 2007/07/20 Dewan Negara: EPF savings for health insurance By : Reports by V. Vasudevan EMPLOYEES Provident Fund contributors who want to use their savings to buy critical illness insurance policies can do so from June next year, the Finance Ministry’s parliamentary secretary Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya said yesterday. However, they … Continue reading

No Excuse

Hmm… I’d rather not comment as I might be biased. ehm ehm.. Source : http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/Wednesday/ Letters/copy_of_20070321080809/Article 2007/03/21 No excuse for not having a plan By : C. GOOI, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur I READ daily requests for donations to pay medical bills in major newspapers. These newspapers are providing an invaluable service helping the unfortunate victims. … Continue reading