Parents and smoking

source : How to Hide the Fact That You Smoke from Your Parents edits by:Sam Gomez, Ben Rubenstein, Cem, Sondra C (see all) ArticleEditDiscussView History Whether you don’t want to disappoint your parents or are simply afraid of the possible punishment for your habit, you can follow these easy steps to ensure your parents don’t find out. Steps … Continue reading

So, how is your English?

I read this in The Star today. The article makes me wonder, after all the fuss to abolish the PPSMI and creating an alternative program of focusing on enhancing the usage of English in school, what is it that we want to accomplish? The article below is based on the reality of today’s requirements in … Continue reading

Sdara Adverts as @ March 2011

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Medical Costs Today

It has been about 4 years since I had a look into this matter, based on the room rates of Malaysian private hospitals. Basically location and the size of the hospital (physical building and also staff headcount) plays a major role on the average billing cost across the board. Due to high competition, some hospitals … Continue reading

Business in Singapore

Yesterday I had a meeting with our potential business partner in Singapore who focuses on training & education for children & parents. According to her, plans for expanding her business in Malaysia are under way and she would also like to bring some of our more unique training programs, such as ‘Employee Wellness’ into Singapore. … Continue reading

Ever owned a Nokia 3210?

This was my first mobile phone without an antenna. That was roughly a decade ago. It feels just like yesterday when everyone was carrying one of these babies or a an ericsson T10. Then after came the Nokia 3310. Of course for those with deeper pockets, they could afford a T28 or the Nokia 8210. … Continue reading

What’s in a BlackBerry?

Is it just the BBM feature where you can do 1 to 1 or a 1 to 30 chat with friends, family and colleagues? Is is the ability to access 10 emails accounts and reply every time you are on the go? Is it the due to the instant imaging feature that also allows you to … Continue reading

The High Sky Price of Properties These Days

I attended a meeting around Damansara Perdana recently to view some of their latest offers. Duplex condos seem to be the in thing there nowadays since people want more space but land is quite hard to find in this area of the metropolitan. So, building upwards is the solution. With duplex condos ranging from 2,500 … Continue reading

Studying Medicine in Egypt for Malaysians

They say that medicine is a field for geniuses. Then again, what would engineers then have to say? They too might also argue that their devotion to the creation of  life saving technology helps the doctors to carry out their Hippocratic oath with sheer confidence.