Prospecting: Establishing Relationships

During a small briefing with new agents recently, I was asked on how should they start and build their market. Well, I gave them some known ideas and also a few personal experiences which I obtain through practice. Usually, not all ideas and strategies will work for everyone. So, use your personal strength & experiment … Continue reading

If only I had the picture of the villans !

Don’t you really wish you did? It really pisses me off that some people could even have the heard to rip off an old lady’s whole life savings, money that she earn with her own sweat and tears ! These idiot ‘daylight robbers’ normally go for those who live on the outskirts and are in … Continue reading

Have you repaid your study loan?

It might be your brother, sister, cousins, neighbors or even your spouse! Well, the only logical thing to do is pay up. If you can’t pay the recommended amount i.e. RM 200 a month, there is always room for negotiation. The main point, just make sure you pay. As the article below states, I do … Continue reading

RM 25,000 for 1st Class Honours

Wow! If only they introduced this when I was doing my degree. Anyway, I do hope that my brother who recently graduated with a 1st class honours in Performing Arts will also be considered for this award. He’s bound to pursue his postgraduate studies in the USA soon. Friday November 23, 2007 Negri rewards top … Continue reading

Did you know?

So, thats where all the money is going! Look at all those zeros! That comes to almost half a billion RM every month! Well, maybe its easy for me to say as I don’t smoke. And I do know some close friends/relatives who have tried to quit many many times.There are those who succeed but … Continue reading

Tips on Car Shopping

Car Shopping Dos and Don’ts By Dave Ramsey Seems like it never ends, doesn’t it? The media is always plastered with ads from car dealerships who are offering super, close-out, blow-out, going-out-of-business deals. It’s true that you can generally get better deals at certain times of the year, but you have to be smart about … Continue reading

EPF for tuition fees

Is this due to the lack of planning by parents OR are education costs today higher than ever before OR is there a shortage of places for a student to receive quality education. When I say quality, it means that the college or university that the kids go to have qualified lecturers, not just any … Continue reading

Duped again !

After numerous cases, it still happens. These ‘daylight robbers’ are real pros because in the case below, they used teenagers to secure the deal. They must be using an MLM replicated module where the top producers get an extra bonus for ‘x’ number of sales at the end of the month. Wow! The Star Online … Continue reading

Protecting Your Assets With Umbrella Insurance

At some point, you have probably heard of umbrella insurance, but have no idea what it is. Well, first off, it does not cover the umbrella you protect yourself from the rain. It is a figure of speech. An umbrella policy is designed to shield you from almost everything that your home and auto insurance … Continue reading

Buying Term Life Insurance

If you are the breadwinner for your family or you provide a significant portion of your family’s income that they can’t live without it is important that you purchase life insurance. This ensures that your family will be financially taken care of in the event something unfortunate happens to you. While you can purchase whole … Continue reading