Lower Price at the Pump?

I just read this article from The Star Online today. Could it be true? ____________________________________________________________________________ The Star Online, Thursday July 31, 2008 Fuel prices may drop soon, say ministers By MAZWIN NIK ANIS PUTRAJAYA: Malaysians may pay less for fuel soon, as the Cabinet is mulling over the possibility of lowering the pump prices. Several … Continue reading

10 Part Time Business Ideas For Women

Written by Zul (skorcareer.com), 30 JULY 2008 For a woman, taking a part time job or business as a car washer, delivery person, gardener, handyman, carpenter, and other physically demanding jobs would be seem as too overwhelming. You will need something moderate. Something relatively easier, manageable, and yet can generate enough returns. Here are 10 … Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

Wow ! I’m sure everyone has their own personal opinion, but for me, it was as Barney (Neil Patric Harris) would say it: “Legendary” … & totally AWESOME ! I’ve just completed all 60+ episodes for all the first 3 seasons, thanks to Sir Kamal who just handed the DVDs to me one night & … Continue reading

Weekend Wife Dilemma

Here’s a good blog for all you ladies out there who might be facing this situation : http://weekendwife.blogspot.com/ It belongs to a swet couple who are dear friends of mine & we’ve known each other for quite some time. The picture above is just for illustration.

Input from Zig

My conclusion? NEVER GIVE UP !!! ____________________________________________________________________________ Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Poorly By Zig Ziglar Chances are superb that when you saw the heading of this article you did a double-take and thought to yourself, “That is ridiculous!”  But, let us think together and I believe you will agree that the observation is correct.  … Continue reading

Galeria Sri Perdana

Wow ! This is soooo amazing ! Just happened to browse through Arkib Negara’s Site & found this cool piece. It looks so 80’s but has been witness to uncountable memorable events throughout the past 2 deacades. I do hope I’ll have the time to drop by one fine day… (courtesy of http://www.arkib.gov.my/english/sriperdana.htm) Galeria Sri … Continue reading

Travel Destinations

Have you travelled lately? I’ve been to some of these places but not all of them. So, I’m sure we can get a feeling of foreign ambiance before we actually visit the actual locations that they replicate, thousands of miles & Ringgits away… The Star Sunday July 6, 2008 Honeymoon bliss Compiled by FARIDAH BEGUM … Continue reading