How LONG will your NOTEBOOK/PC last ?

I just happened to buy about 10 notebooks/PCs over the last 3 months. Today, as we are coming closer to the end of 2010, more and more new software/applications are being created and released to the public. The web is getting wider and more complicated where its more of how users have the ability to … Continue reading


True and False I’d say. In theory it should be true but in real practice, its merely due to carrying a brand name that the price of an item/product increases. Example :  A brand new Mercedes is better than a brand new Honda. But it all depends on the definition of the word BETTER. Are … Continue reading

No more UPSR and PMR?

What are the implications? Pros and Cons? Is this a mere try now and worry later decision? Or is it with the interests of students at heart? On the students side, less pressure to score all A’s. On the teachers side, less pressure to increase the number of straight A students. But for the tuition centers who … Continue reading