DELL Serivce Engineer

I had to have my DVDRW drive replaced today. Acutually, I should have done it more than 6 months ago but was really going all over the place plus I had an external DVDRW drive as a substitute. Thus, it wasn’t so crucial to replace the one that I have onboard my XPS 1330. What … Continue reading

Paperless Office?

I was in one of my offices today & waiting for me to be sorted out was a huge pile of documents ! I’d say nothing less than 500 pages. And to think that with all the technology we have today, it would all be overcome. Maybe I need to attend a ‘Document Management Course’. … Continue reading

Virtual Tour of Brunei

Since the topic of ‘working in Brunei’ is top of the charts of this blog recently, here is another site I came across which is full of pics from this Royal Kingdom. Here is the address & a simple screenshot :


I’ve spent the last 30 mins looking for the cheapest option for the above iternery. Does anyone out there have any idea? Departure date is 6 JUL 2009 & return on 1 OCT 2009. So far, I have found out that Emirates price tag is the cheapest at around RM 3,048 while Singapore Airlines quoted … Continue reading

P1 WiMax

I have been on Wimax for the past few days. ┬áSo far, what I can summarize is that performance of the network depends on where I am and by performance, I am referring to download speeds and surfing time as in how long do I need to wait before a whole page is completely loaded … Continue reading

Brunei Darussalam Revisited

I had the opportunity to revisit Brunei last weekend on a short businesstrip. Life in Brunei has not changed much but I do believe there will be upcoming infrastruture in the near future. In my opinion, due to the traffic jam near the Gadong Mall, the locals or foreign investors might want to come up … Continue reading