Another Money Scam

With ref to the article below in today’s Star, I strongly advise all of you to STAY AWAY from all these scams. Time and again, all of them have been proven to be bogus. This is not to even mention the cases of online investments with daily returns! Billions have gone down the drain. I’m … Continue reading

About Credit Cards and Bankruptcy

Here’s another article on credit cards that i dug out of the Star archives. There are some alarming statistics that you might want to read at the bottom of this article. Among others is the growth rate of the local credit card business was at a 24% in 2006. Though it is good for business, … Continue reading

Good News for Credit Card holders

Do you have thousands of Ringgit on your credit card balance? Do you feel its a burden to pay up every month? Do you think that there will never be an end to your misery month after month after month? Did your credit limit ‘die’ before you? Do you feel an URGE to STOP all … Continue reading

Update on the Xenon issue

I was excited when I first came across this headline in The Star over my kopi O ais & roti bawang this morning. I thought to myself, YEAH ! its time to get those HIDs ! Well think again! Coz its only an explanation by car makers who produce automobiles with built in Xenon lights. … Continue reading

Tourism Ministry may make travel insurance compulsory

For the frequent flyer/traveller :  The Star Online : Wednesday June 20, 2007 Tourism Ministry may make travel insurance compulsory By ROYCE CHEAH AND SYLVIA LOOI KUALA LUMPUR: The Tourism Ministry may require travellers leaving the country to have insurance coverage in a move to protect their loved ones. This will be provided for … Continue reading

For all you manual toll payers without SMARTAG

Grab this golden opportunity! I strongly URGE you to do so since it does make life a lot easier. Having been a SMARTAG user for almost 2 years now and paying toll in the thousands of RM every year, it has made my life a lot lot easier. One word of advice, I do hope … Continue reading

Ban on Xenon Headlights

I read this over breakfast today. Shoot! I was just about to go out and get a pair for my car… but since it has been declared illegal, I choose to decline. No wonder the accessories shops are selling these babies at damn cheap prices than ever before lately… The issue discussed below is for … Continue reading

Insurance for Travellers

There are many insurers in Malaysia offering Travel Insurance. There are several variations but the basic benefits are roughly the same such as : individual PA medical benefits coverage on flight delay coverage for loss of baggage curtailment benefits loss of cash Just make sure that in the event of any mishaps such as those … Continue reading

A review on Perodua VIVA

I was looking thru the Star onlinde & found this article. Good to read and I must say that its a handy car to drive around in town. Compact, easy to park and fuel economy are the main characteristics of this vehicle. Test drive 1 today! from The Star Online : Sunday June 3, 2007 … Continue reading

Too Much for Education Funds?

I was talking to a neighbor during a recent gathering last week and he expressed his concern on how he is currently spending almost RM 10,000 per year in life insurance for the whole family, whereby half of it goes to the children’s education. He has plans to terminate some of the policies because he … Continue reading