Goal Setting & Visualization

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a goal setting session for the upcoming 2007 financial year which begins tomorrow. One very important point is that learning is a life long process. This means that those people who have a craving to absorb as much knowledge, experience & information are the ones who will … Continue reading

Never take things for granted

I currently have about 70GB of data to back up on DVDs but my notebook does not have a DVD-RW drive. The idea of buying an external drive has been boggling my mind for the past month or so, but then again the idea of purchsing an entire new notebook with 2GB & the latest … Continue reading

Too Much Cash?

This morning I had an appointment with a prospect who was shopping around for an education policy. As stated in my previous article today, I  did what I usually do & that is to initially share the concept of Income Protection before moving on to what the prospect wanted, in this case, an education policy … Continue reading

Business Planning 2007

Yesterday was a very exciting session for me and 10 other consultants from our team. There were a lot of new things that we learnt from our leader & also our guest speaker from the HR Department. It always suprises me that no matter how much you might think you know & no matter how … Continue reading

R.S.V.P. ?

Ever received an invitation card with those initials or just a plain RSVP? and you just reply anyway without thinking of what it really means but at the least you know that you need to give a reply. This issue came up in a meeting with some freinds yesterday & it suprised me that not … Continue reading


The invitations were from 7 houses. Unfortunately, I had to surrender at 4 coz if I didn’t, I’d doze off at the next house anyway. Maybe it was the food. Maybe it was the long distance from Bangi to Puncak Alam to Subang to … Or maybe I just needed a shot of Tongkat Ali. … Continue reading

Open houses & diarrhea

Aidilfitri is a month long. When I was a kid, I remember that the occasional visits to relatives & friends houses was the main thing to do during those first several days of Raya. And since school was usually off for a week, that’s also how long the events lasted. Today, in KL, its totally … Continue reading

A Quote from the animation movie Robots (by PIXAR)

Another movie that I had a chance to watch courtesy of a friend who loves animations. What I’ve learnt is that these kind of movies don’t require you to crack your head as in the Matrix but the values that are inculcated are so vital to our daily lives. In the movie, when Rodney wanted … Continue reading

Hooked up in front of the MATRIX

Yup, that’s where I was in the past week or so. It’s easy to buy the DVDs but its not that easy to finish the trilogy of 6+ hours in 1 shot because I do have other things to do. Of course I have watched this movie before, but this time around, you tend to … Continue reading