Some comments on Knight Rider 2008

At the moment, I still haven’t seen the pilot episode. What I have seen though, are the short previews on Youtube. You can see one of them here After reading more than 200 comments all over the Web, what I can sum up is : A Pontiac would have been preferred compared to a Ford … Continue reading

Knight Rider 3000 (K.I.T.T. 2008)

Yes, the much awaited rebirth of the famous 1980’s series ‘Knight Rider’ is here! I’ve always been a mojor fan of this to the extent that I even had the experience in sitting in one of the 11 original KITTs used on the actual TV series that was on display at Universal Studios in the … Continue reading

Starbucks Kajang

I dropped by the recently opened Starbucks Kajang for a cup of coffee just after dinner tonight and found out 1 outstanding feature compared to all the other Starbucks that I have been to. The 1 major feature that captured my attention since I’m always on the move was the number of powerpoints inside this … Continue reading