Smoking – by the pack or by the stick?

Which option is cheaper? Looking at the short term (in a smoker’s world, short term might mean only 24 hours), by the stick is cheaper. Of course that depends on how many sticks you usually smoke per day. On average, its safe to say 8 to 18 for the average Malaysian smoker. That too depends … Continue reading

Looking for a Building Contractor & Landscape Artist?

Azril and I have known each other for almost 20 years now and I know he is extremely good at what he does. Now, I am not promising you the sun and the moon here BUT I what I can say is that Azril will definitely give you his ALL in any projects related to the above … Continue reading

MLM Part 2

I had the opportunity to attend a small MLM meet last week in Seremban. I knew before hand that the meeting would be related to an MLM business and was there in support of a dear old friend who thought the marketing idea by this 16 year old company was good to pursue. No doubt, … Continue reading

MLM Business

I’m now seated right next to a booth in a restaurant where there are 4 ladies, 1 of them explaining in vivid detail with full confidence regarding the thousands and thousands of RM they will all earn after they sign up under her today. She is so confident that she says RM 3,000 a month … Continue reading

Are you associated with them ?

I just happened to have a discussion regarding what companies you should work for, namely the big big big ones so that there will be ‘security’ in life. Well, working for a company/corporation compared to having that company ‘work’ for you is a totally different story. Thinking about the issue reminded me to look up … Continue reading

Give & Take

I had a discussion with my business partner this afternoon. We were talking about the issue of why there are certain businessmen who are successful and those who are just barely making it. One issue we discussed was about ‘give and take’ whereby everyone who run their own business or company want to bring in … Continue reading

Prospecting: Establishing Relationships

During a small briefing with new agents recently, I was asked on how should they start and build their market. Well, I gave them some known ideas and also a few personal experiences which I obtain through practice. Usually, not all ideas and strategies will work for everyone. So, use your personal strength & experiment … Continue reading

Wealth Dynamics Seminar : Point #5

In life, everyone wants a share of wealth. In order to gain wealth, one must be able to provide value to the other party which they would like to deal with. When talking about the question of value, its so easy to tell the other person “what i would like to have or do is … Continue reading

Wealth Dynamics Seminar : Point #4

The Wealth Equation All wealth is built from a basic equation : Wealth = Value x Leverage  Believe it or not, every single wealthy person on this planet has created money flow by creating value, and leveraging it. According to : “Wealth isn’t how much money you have, it’s what you’re left with if … Continue reading

Wealth Dynamics Seminar : Point #3

0 + 0 = 00 = ∞ or  zero + zero = two zeros = the symbol of infinity The equation above refers to a simple networking situation whereby : I have Mr. A in my own network but he is not worth any value to me = 0 You have Mr. B in your … Continue reading