Bank Stalkers

I was at the bank just now to withdraw some cash. Upon coming out of the bank there were some people who were there asking for money. I couldn’t say that they were stalkers but they did look suspicious… The Star Online : Wednesday January 30, 2008 Bank stalkers: Call the cops By ANDREW SAGAYAM … Continue reading

Malaysia Airlines’ travel fair is back

I think I might just buy one of these tickets and take some time off. Too much work and no leisure makes Jack stressed, restless & full of headaches ! The Star Online : Wednesday January 30, 2008 Malaysia Airlines’ travel fair is back By ONG HAN SEAN SUBANG JAYA: The Malaysia Airlines’ Travel Fair … Continue reading

Sign Up before its too late

I was on the PLUS highway this morning when an old friend who I had lunch with recently called up to ask this question : “My son has quite a high fever & I might need to admit him to a private hospital because we spent the whole morning yesterday at a government hospital just … Continue reading

Who Packs Your “Parachutes” ?

I got this story forwarded to me by email from Rosman84 this afternoon. Really nice story. Please take 2 short minutes to read & I hope we can all apply it everyday for the rest of our lives. Charles Plumb was a US Navy jet pilot in Vietnam. After 75 combat missions, his plane was … Continue reading

25 days Later

I’m still around. 25 days into 2008. So how is everyone? Its just that I have so many things to write & share but I don’t really know where to start 1st. Please read on my following articles. Thank you.

Happy 2008 !

To all readers : I would like to wish you the maximum of success in all your listed resolutions for 2008. May some, if not all of them become a reality & not just mere writing in a diary, notebook or piece of paper. If it did not work in 2007, then try it again … Continue reading