Tough Times

Reading through The Star today, I found this article. It looks like times are tough these days when new schoolbags are a rare commodity. I would say that when I was in primary school, a new bag, shirt, shoes and stationary were always a motivator to attend the 1st day of the school year. Advertisements

Which is the BEST Petol Loyalty Card

I never really gave it a thought. This article written by my friend, Dr Azmi Mohd Tamil might be able to give you some insight on the issue :

8 Years Savings Plan

In this particular time of economic uncertainty, there will always be parties making profit. It is currently a buyers market and ca$h is King. So, some people ask me, what can they do for a short to mid term savings alternative compared to keeping in the FD or for those who have their ASB account … Continue reading

Budget 2009 Live Telecast

Catch the live telecast at 3pm today on TV or radio. Hope there will good news to come. ______________________ The Star Online, 13 AUG 2008 The 2009 federal budget, which will be presented in Parliament on Aug 29, is the most challenging one in recent years, being formulated under tough macroeconomic conditions. CIMB Economics Research … Continue reading

Working in Brunei

I received an SMS this morning from a prominent academician. It read “got the offer to work in Brunei…” So, the question for him was, is it worth to go all the way there and quit all that he has going here in the local academic arena. Well, there are so many factors to consider. … Continue reading

To Spend or Save?

I was at my uncle’s house the other day and we were debating why his bro in law who lives in a FELDA settlement has the ability to pay almost everything in cash compared to him. Among others, this in law of his has a 10 acre plot filled with palm oil trees that has … Continue reading

If only I had the picture of the villans !

Don’t you really wish you did? It really pisses me off that some people could even have the heard to rip off an old lady’s whole life savings, money that she earn with her own sweat and tears ! These idiot ‘daylight robbers’ normally go for those who live on the outskirts and are in … Continue reading

Have you repaid your study loan?

It might be your brother, sister, cousins, neighbors or even your spouse! Well, the only logical thing to do is pay up. If you can’t pay the recommended amount i.e. RM 200 a month, there is always room for negotiation. The main point, just make sure you pay. As the article below states, I do … Continue reading

Not many Malaysian’s plan for retirement

This was the findings of a recent survey conducted by Prudential lately. In planning for retirement, 1 major aspect that needs to be looked into is your spending requirements or your expenses budget on a monthly basis. From there you have to add in inflation factors to compensate for additional future costs over the years. … Continue reading

Wealth Dynamics Seminar : Point #6

Wealth is not about money If its not about money, what is it all about then? Accoring to Roger, a lot of people want to get rich by chasing money but the money never comes. You can have a room of 100 people and give them $ 1,000,000 each but still these people could not … Continue reading