Roti Canai (the Malaysian Version)

Getting a good plate of roti canai is sometimes an issue. Some like it soft, some like it crunchy, some like it moist, some like it dry. And the condiments that go with it could be dhal gravy, chicken curry, fish curry, meat in soya sauce gravy and the list just goes on. For Malaysians on the east coast, sugar is a must.


Where do I think is the best place I have had roti canai? at the moment, I’d have to say Raju’s in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya. The link and pics are provided below.

So are some roti canai soruces that I found. Hope it helps :






2 Responses to “Roti Canai (the Malaysian Version)”
  1. try restoran kampung pandan, jalan yap kwan seng.. kari ikan or kari kambing.. perghhh!!

  2. Raha says:

    Hi Dr Naz,
    The roti canai picture looks great! I’m Raha a writer at Spoon University (a food website) and I’m currently writing about Malaysian food. I would like to use your photo in my article and of course give you proper photo credit. I’ll share the link to my article here once it’s published. Thanks so much ahead of time.

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