3 days into 2015

3 days into 2015 and its kind of quiet. Is it just me ? What are your plans, aspirations and thoughts …

Why Graduates FAIL Interviews

Hope this presentation by Mark O’Toole helps. What I can say is that you will not be BORED reading through all 84 slides and towards the end, he mentions the importance of social media.

Malaysia Social Media Awards 2013

Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) is a national event connecting people, content and conversations around emerging trends in social and mobile media. The event was held for the 2nd time from 26 FEB to 03 MARCH at Berjaya Time Square. The 2nd World Bloggers and Social Media Awards in Kuala Lumpur highlights the work of … Continue reading

An Exclusive Gift from an Exclusive Friend

They say that life is full of surprises. Last Friday, I was presented with a special gift, an iPhone 5 by a close friend and mentor. For the record, this is my first iPhone. With this new tool, he hopes that it will inspire me to work harder and smarter, thus eventually providing benefits to … Continue reading

What else besides WordPress ?

Here are 11 other options. Its based on a study done by by royalpingdom.com. Kind of nice to try the other options just for fun and get a feel of where they shine the most. For a more detailed report, please refer to http://royal.pingdom.com/2013/05/07/wordpress-top-100-blogs/

Flying Cars

I was only 6 when I watched the first movie of the Back to The Future trilogy. At the end of the movie, everyone was amazed on how the time machine on wheels was upgraded with a hovering mode in the 21st century (2015 to be exact). We are now less than 2 years away … Continue reading

2005 DeLorean?

If such a car were to exist, you’d better hope Mr Fusion is there to run the engine… 🙂

1 JAN 2013

We have just entered 2013. May we become more prosperous, dedicated, generous yet humble human beings.

Enhance Your PowerPoint Presentations

Ever had to do a last minute presentation the next morning OR your boss wants some new ideas based on an old presentation BUT powerpoint is just NOT your thing? Send me your outline in ..ppt OR pptx format and I will enhance it for you FOR free 24 hours from the date of receipt. … Continue reading