First Class Airline Cabins

Here are some pics I found on the Web. Its really nice to travel on 1st Class. Business Class is also 3 times better than Economy. Of course, what ever the matter, we should be thankful as there are people who have never flown on an airline all their life. Here are the pics in … Continue reading

Taman Negara Page on FB by Zahari

Thank you Zahari for the Link

First Time in KL?

According to the daily stats on this site, the majority of readers are from the USA, Canada, and around Europe. Anyone planning to come to KL for a visit, especially for the 1st time? Maybe we could meet up over coffee and I’ll show you around some of the ‘must see’ places not just within … Continue reading

Taman Negara, 18 Years Later

Early this month, I attended a team building event organized for 30 staff of Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Putrajaya. Since the concept for this event was set to be in the woods for the purpose of outdoor adventure coupled with indoor team games and lectures, Taman Negara became the selected venue for 3 days and 2 … Continue reading

The common Malaysian breakfast

The info shared here might be useful for 1st time visitors to Malaysia on WHAT to eat for breakfast. Whether you’re staying in a budget hotel that serves no breakfast OR a 5 star hotel that has a buffet line, you are bound to bump into some of these common dishes that Malaysians love to … Continue reading

Virtual Tour of Brunei

Since the topic of ‘working in Brunei’ is top of the charts of this blog recently, here is another site I came across which is full of pics from this Royal Kingdom. Here is the address & a simple screenshot :


I’ve spent the last 30 mins looking for the cheapest option for the above iternery. Does anyone out there have any idea? Departure date is 6 JUL 2009 & return on 1 OCT 2009. So far, I have found out that Emirates price tag is the cheapest at around RM 3,048 while Singapore Airlines quoted … Continue reading

Brunei Darussalam Revisited

I had the opportunity to revisit Brunei last weekend on a short businesstrip. Life in Brunei has not changed much but I do believe there will be upcoming infrastruture in the near future. In my opinion, due to the traffic jam near the Gadong Mall, the locals or foreign investors might want to come up … Continue reading

A Weekend in Bangkok, Thailand

Our flight left KLIA on the morning of 31st October 2008 and arrived just an before noon in Bangkok. It was a sight seeing cum shopping cum business trip altogether. What I can say is that Bangkok is a very very big city, many times bigger than KL. While it might not have the modernness … Continue reading

New Hope for ‘Frequent Railers’

Reading the followup article on our PM’s initiative to beef up the rail transport in the KL city center is really touching. Its not easy for a man of his age & responsibility to get the hands on experience and see what can be done to improve the current public rail transportation system. My hope, … Continue reading