The 2012 Olympic Games, London – Opening Ceremony

As I look at the stats of this blog, there are quite a number of readers from the UK and Europe. The huge bulk of readers come from USA and North America. How many of you were in London for the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games? While there were millions in London alone, the … Continue reading

Smoking – by the pack or by the stick?

Which option is cheaper? Looking at the short term (in a smoker’s world, short term might mean only 24 hours), by the stick is cheaper. Of course that depends on how many sticks you usually smoke per day. On average, its safe to say 8 to 18 for the average Malaysian smoker. That too depends … Continue reading

Dallas 2012

After 357 episodes which ended back in 1991 (21 years ago), Dallas is still in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. According to statistics from Wikipedia, viewers in the USA alone exceeded the 6 million mark. The presence of┬ásome original characters such as J.R. Ewing, Bobby Ewing, Sue Ellen Ewing and Cliff Barns has … Continue reading

First Time in KL?

According to the daily stats on this site, the majority of readers are from the USA, Canada, and around Europe. Anyone planning to come to KL for a visit, especially for the 1st time? Maybe we could meet up over coffee and I’ll show you around some of the ‘must see’ places not just within … Continue reading

Enhance Your PowerPoint Presentations

Ever had to do a last minute presentation the next morning OR your boss wants some new ideas based on an old presentation BUT powerpoint is just NOT your thing? Send me your outline in ..ppt OR pptx format and I will enhance it for you FOR free 24 hours from the date of receipt. … Continue reading