Maybank Credit Cards on weekends

I was queuing up at the check out counter in a TESCO outlet this evening to buy some groceries. Since payday has just passed and it was Saturday night, all and sundry were out shopping for their monthly provisions. With the recent pay rise for all 1 million over government servants, the queue was very … Continue reading

Checkout counter @ Tesco Kajang

I was in Tesco Kajang this morning to buy some groceries & stuff. I did not have many items on my list but the lady in front of me in queue did! Her total came to RM 119.23 so she handed over RM 120 to the cashier but it did not stop just there. Why … Continue reading

ISETAN tomorrow?

The SALE IS ON !!!  I plan to visit the one in KLCC tomorrow. Need to get some new shirts – if the PRICE & SIZE both fit. hehe! Why @ KLCC? Well, its near the office, lots of choices & i’ve to go back late coz attending a wedding at night. So, see u there !!! … Continue reading

Brooches galore…

My mum came to KL yesterday, so I thought I might as well bring her to this one shop that the girls at the office have been talking about. My mum rarely buys stuff, but when she buys, she’s make sure its worth it. & lately, she’s been pestering me to bring her to a … Continue reading