8 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

As a salesperson, it is always a challenge to put the interests of the CILENT before your very own every single time a sale is made, especially those high net worth clients who can afford just about anything… Here are eight rules for making this happen : 1. Have a sales philosophy that emphasizes relationship … Continue reading

10 Tips for Time Management in a Multitasking World

I ran across this article on a very informative blog by Penelope Trunk.  Her advice columns run in more than 200 newspapers. That alone will tell you that she knows what she’s talking about. Some of her tips include : – Keep website addresses organized – Think about keystrokes and – Dare to be SLOW … Continue reading

Paperless Office?

I was in one of my offices today & waiting for me to be sorted out was a huge pile of documents ! I’d say nothing less than 500 pages. And to think that with all the technology we have today, it would all be overcome. Maybe I need to attend a ‘Document Management Course’. … Continue reading

3 Minutes Management Lesson

Thank you to Prof. Dr. Wardah for emailing this piece. I do remember reading it a few times some years back but it’s always good to refresh the laugh. _____________________________________ Lesson One : An eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing . A small rabbit saw the eagle and asked him, “Can I also … Continue reading

Wealth Dynamics Seminar : Point #5

In life, everyone wants a share of wealth. In order to gain wealth, one must be able to provide value to the other party which they would like to deal with. When talking about the question of value, its so easy to tell the other person “what i would like to have or do is … Continue reading

Wealth Dynamics Seminar : Point #4

The Wealth Equation All wealth is built from a basic equation : Wealth = Value x Leverage  Believe it or not, every single wealthy person on this planet has created money flow by creating value, and leveraging it. According to wealthdynamics.org : “Wealth isn’t how much money you have, it’s what you’re left with if … Continue reading

Planning on Resigning? Do it the right way

This month alone, I came across 5 close acquaintances who are planning (1 will resign as of tomorrow) of resigning from their current job for various reasons. Normally it would be due to a better renumeration & benefits package. Sometimes its office politics. It might also be due to a location nearer to home as … Continue reading

May I do your Financial Health Check ?

The question is for you to answer. Basically, I would like to share & put into practice the basic principles that I learned in class yesterday. This FHC will give you an overall view of your current financial situation. It can be done in depth OR it can also be done on the surface. I … Continue reading

Financial Health Check (FHC)

Today, I will be attending a class as stated above. It will be from 9 to 5 at the AIG Penthouse. The main objective of this class is to equipt the sales team with vital knowledge & skills to enhance our services for the purpose of providing the best financial solution for our clients. “Education … Continue reading

10 Steps to achieving your GOALS

Yesterday, I attended one of our company’s Power Sales Workshop. The main speaker was Manmohan. The name might be foreign to you butin the local insurance arena, he happens to be a legend with 22 yearsof experience & one of our ‘ambassadors’. He is an AIA Senior District Director & has attended more than 2 … Continue reading