PPM 2013 (HKSBP)

My friends know that I’m not a fan of any major sport but when it comes to supporting our school team, then everyone chips in their energy, time and money. Yesterday history repeated itself after 22 long years of waiting. SDAR finally brought back the challenge trophy for the 6th time since our first win … Continue reading

Crossing the 200,000 Mark

This was my posting on Facebook just a few minutes ago. Thank you to everyone who have been dropping by from time to time to read and share your ideas on drnaz.net Readers from the USA, Malaysia and the United Kingdom are the top 3 ranked based on yesterday’s statistics.

Dallas 2012

After 357 episodes which ended back in 1991 (21 years ago), Dallas is still in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. According to statistics from Wikipedia, viewers in the USA alone exceeded the 6 million mark. The presence of some original characters such as J.R. Ewing, Bobby Ewing, Sue Ellen Ewing and Cliff Barns has … Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

Wow ! I’m sure everyone has their own personal opinion, but for me, it was as Barney (Neil Patric Harris) would say it: “Legendary” … & totally AWESOME ! I’ve just completed all 60+ episodes for all the first 3 seasons, thanks to Sir Kamal who just handed the DVDs to me one night & … Continue reading

Got a Story to Share?

I’m a subscriber to the Ziglar newsletter. A lot of interesting stories. Apart from that, I also subscribe to Reader’s Digest, Asia. One of my wishes is that one of these days, I could just meet and shake hands with this grand man who has built the Ziglar Foundation based on the basic principle of … Continue reading

Blog Updated!

from : http://majestic-life.blogspot.com/ These are really very touching articles from the relative of a leukemia patient. I like the title “making a difference” as that is my ultimate goal in life. Sometimes life is so short that we forget to realize that its a gift from God which is so precious and fragile that if … Continue reading

For all you educators out there…

The ability to believe in yourself is the most important factor to be successful in what you do.Without belief, the most simple things in life might be totally impossible to achieve.   Another personal trait of successful people is passion. In the context of my duties as an educator & administrator, passion is the ability … Continue reading

The Impossible Dream

The IMPOSSIBLE DREAM by Joe Darion (1972)    To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe To bear with unbearable sorrow To run where the brave dare not go To right the unrightable wrong To love pure and chaste from afar To try when your arms are too weary To reach the unreachable … Continue reading

10 Steps to achieving your GOALS

Yesterday, I attended one of our company’s Power Sales Workshop. The main speaker was Manmohan. The name might be foreign to you butin the local insurance arena, he happens to be a legend with 22 yearsof experience & one of our ‘ambassadors’. He is an AIA Senior District Director & has attended more than 2 … Continue reading

So much to write, so little time

As you can see, the time now is 1.22 AM, 22nd Dec 2006. Yet, I have so much to write, especially the wonderful event that was held on Wednesday afternoon (20 Dec) whereby the feedback that I received not only during/after the event but also through email is just fantastic & extremely encouraging! But, I … Continue reading