Planning on Resigning? Do it the right way

This month alone, I came across 5 close acquaintances who are planning (1 will resign as of tomorrow) of resigning from their current job for various reasons. Normally it would be due to a better renumeration & benefits package. Sometimes its office politics. It might also be due to a location nearer to home as … Continue reading

Supersomething has MOVED !

Here is the new address : (hopefully he’ll buy me breakfast or lunch or both at a posh restaurant instead of just the normal ikan bakar at his office for this free advert… hahaha!)

Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Tailor

I have always been curious of who is the guy that makes the clothes for the Prime Minister, Royalties, Celebrities and other VVIPs. Not only that but I also wonder who cook for them, who cut’s their hair, who is their gardener, photographer, IT adviser and what its like to be their driver or pilot … Continue reading

Tunku Abdul Rahman as a political mentor and guide

The Tunku (Father of Independence)  from Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithaudeen’s personal perspective and experience. The Star : Wednesday August 29, 2007 My political mentor and guide BY TENGKU TAN SRI AHAMD RITHAUDDEEN TENGKU ISMAIL When he gave talks on his Merdeka Mission, Tunku spoke from his heart, with sincerity, candour, honesty and a sense … Continue reading

7 for Merdeka

The Star : Wednesday August 29, 2007 Seven major events to mark National Day By LOONG MENG YEE, KUALA LUMPUR: A prayer for the nation, a walk down memory lane, a parade of pride and a showcase of unity. Malaysiaku Gemilang (My Sterling Malaysia) gets a grand display spread out over seven major events as … Continue reading

RM 1,957 for a ‘Merdeka Pen’

Talking about Merdeka, here’s a touching article I came across today. Of course to most of us, spending almost RM 2,000 for just 1 pen is ridiculous but to me honest with all of you, being the person I am, if I could spare that much money, I truly would buy one of these limited … Continue reading

A Merdeka Show on Menara Maybank

This looks cool !  I wonder how big those projectors are and how much each costs… hmmm. And I also wonder if the same thing could be done on the Petronas Twin Towers… hehe. The Star : Wednesday August 29, 2007 Menara Maybank becomes giant screen Giant slideshow: The images and slideshow at Menara Maybank … Continue reading

Congratulations to The Star CEO !

I would like to personally congratulate Datuk Steven Tan for leading The Star to become the organization of as it is today.  You have worked very hard to earn this award. We are currently living in the information age and not a single day goes by without the hunger for the latest and up to … Continue reading

‘Bus-Chased’ to ‘Bus-ted’

So, its no wonder that I was being chased by that SKS bus on the PLUS highway yesterday morning. In reality, based on the report below, the scenario is a lot lot worse! The Star : Friday August 24, 2007 Six held for drugs, 117 summonses issued in op,/h3> By V.P.SUJATA and M. SIVANANTHA SHARMA … Continue reading

Lack of Health Insurance (Medical)

I don’t know what the statistics in Malaysia are but  since the current trend is to reduce the reliance on government hospitals, I strongly advise that everyone at least own 1 medical card. It can be from any insurer of your choice.   Among the major aspects that you should consider is package, guarantee on … Continue reading