The definition of a Duke

I was reading through the NST today when I came across an article of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York who paid a courtesy visit on our Prime Minister. Prince Andrew, the British special representative for international trade and investment is in Malaysia for a 3 day visit. So I got curious on the royal … Continue reading

More Clips on The Future of Technology

Since many responded to my previous posting, here are some more clips that might be of interest for you to watch. As Larry Appleton said in many episodes of Perfect Strangers, “Watch and LEARN”.     1. Future Vision Montage 2. Manufacturing 3. Microsoft Home 4. Banking 5. Microsoft Surface 6. MS Vision 2019 7. … Continue reading

A Futuristic Clip by Microsoft

Have you watched this clip?   It looks a something cut out from Star Trek but I do believe that we are more than halfway there. Using the advancement of technology, the world as perceived in the future will encompass the full utilization of applications and internet connectivity will not only be ultra fast BUT all and around … Continue reading

What Makes a GOOD Cup of Coffee

Are you a coffee lover?  Regardless of it being brewed, steamed, boiled or just the normal coffee you have by the roadside mamak stall, coffee is known to be addictive. In Malaysia, teh tarik is ALSO addictive. But so is nasi lemak, roti canai and a whole lot more. So here are some sites that … Continue reading

World Population 7 Billion This Week

It’s all over the media. The entire World’s population will hit the 7 BILLION mark any time this week. 5 months ago, I highlighted the vital statistics of Malaysia, including the population (which had just crossed 28 million at the time of posting that article). What does 7 billion mean? For 1 thing, it means there will … Continue reading

Some Nice Cendol & Rojak

The meeting was scheduled at 2:30 PM. I somehow arrived a wee bit early and it was smack in the middle of the mad rush for lunch. Seremban traffic does not seem as brutal compared to KL when it comes to lunch. At least there is a place to park and to sit in some … Continue reading

Electronic Cigarette Malaysia

Lately I have met several friends who are smokers that are on this new type of cigarette. Have you seen any? Though it is said to help in the process of reducing smoke with tar contents (Malaysia’s to have one of the highest tar content in the entire region) how far is the actual success … Continue reading

10 Tips for Time Management in a Multitasking World

I ran across this article on a very informative blog by Penelope Trunk.  Her advice columns run in more than 200 newspapers. That alone will tell you that she knows what she’s talking about. Some of her tips include : – Keep website addresses organized – Think about keystrokes and – Dare to be SLOW … Continue reading

The common Malaysian breakfast

The info shared here might be useful for 1st time visitors to Malaysia on WHAT to eat for breakfast. Whether you’re staying in a budget hotel that serves no breakfast OR a 5 star hotel that has a buffet line, you are bound to bump into some of these common dishes that Malaysians love to … Continue reading

Looking for a Building Contractor & Landscape Artist?

Azril and I have known each other for almost 20 years now and I know he is extremely good at what he does. Now, I am not promising you the sun and the moon here BUT I what I can say is that Azril will definitely give you his ALL in any projects related to the above … Continue reading