Which is the BEST Petol Loyalty Card

I never really gave it a thought. This article written by my friend, Dr Azmi Mohd Tamil might be able to give you some insight on the issue : http://www.palmx.org/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=183&Itemid=39 Advertisements

The Simpsons

I’m sure we all love to watch ‘The Simpsons’ one way or another. Though we might not agree to everything or anything they try to depict as the typical American family from the town of Springfield, they do have some points that might be just right, not only in the USA but typical family traits … Continue reading

Ever Played Forex?

It amazes me how so many people around the globe can make millions in this business. What more, its now more of a favourite pastime for those with deep pockets. I see it now as more of a form of gambling pass time as some eager investors are glued in front of their screens watching … Continue reading

Vespa Restoration

I came accross this article in The Star this morning. It reminded me of some childhood memories on some of my relatives who previously owned this classic masterpiece of engineering & the rides that I was privelliged to go on them. I do recall that those Vespa’s which I had the opportunity to be a … Continue reading

The 2009 BMW 3 Series

I know a friend who has been waiting for this all year. Well here it is now. Read the full details here : http://star-motoring.com/blog/permalink.asp?id=169

Diabetic? Some not so good news

So what is new? who would want to be ill anyway? The not so good news to the agent (as far as life insurance is concerned) is that the probability of the home office rejecting your application for a new policy is very high – even with loading (extra charges imposed for sub standard applications). … Continue reading

Tyre Hunting

What is it that really makes a tyre ‘good’ or ‘great’ or ‘comfortable’ or ‘grip’? I had the opportunity in October to survey the local tyre market, mainly the so called top/good brands as defined by the ordinary user on the street without much biased opinions. Their comments were based on personal experience and after … Continue reading

Amway, Cosway, Myway or Highway?

nice companies. nice ideas. good products. but i do not agree on how some conduct their recriuting excercise. had a very bad and degrading experience yesterday…

How Stuff Works

http://www.howstuffworks.com/ The site has really evolved compared to what it was back when I was studying ‘Technical Writing for English’. I had a very good lecturer then… Mr. Victor Kok Kien. Wonder if he is still teaching nowadays & whether he still remembers me … Thanks for the ‘A’ Mr. Victor !

8 Years Savings Plan

In this particular time of economic uncertainty, there will always be parties making profit. It is currently a buyers market and ca$h is King. So, some people ask me, what can they do for a short to mid term savings alternative compared to keeping in the FD or for those who have their ASB account … Continue reading