Najwa Latif’s ‘Sahabat’ by students from Chariho High School in Rhode Island, USA

For my readers from USA. ‘Sahabat’ in Malay means ‘Friend’. The original singer with 2 million views can be seen here : Najwa was not only overwhelmed, but felt enthusiastic when she watched this video. She was quoted as saying “Honestly, I personally did not think that there are those in foreign countries who … Continue reading

More FAQ and Facts on SMOKING

Since there are so many readers who come here for the famous question on “can i hide smoking from insurance companies, here is an interesting site I found that even teaches you HOW TO SMOKE. Have fun, but always remember… Smoking is bad for your lungs.

PPM 2013 (HKSBP)

My friends know that I’m not a fan of any major sport but when it comes to supporting our school team, then everyone chips in their energy, time and money. Yesterday history repeated itself after 22 long years of waiting. SDAR finally brought back the challenge trophy for the 6th time since our first win … Continue reading

8 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

As a salesperson, it is always a challenge to put the interests of the CILENT before your very own every single time a sale is made, especially those high net worth clients who can afford just about anything… Here are eight rules for making this happen : 1. Have a sales philosophy that emphasizes relationship … Continue reading

Respect in Conversation

I just came back from having supper with some seniors from school. Some were 5 years older, some even up to almost 30 years older. Everyone comes from a different occupational background. Many issues were discussed ranging from administration, project management, politics, planning and banking. Everyone had their fair share of the conversation, each one … Continue reading

The definition of a Duke

I was reading through the NST today when I came across an article of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York who paid a courtesy visit on our Prime Minister. Prince Andrew, the British special representative for international trade and investment is in Malaysia for a 3 day visit. So I got curious on the royal … Continue reading

More Clips on The Future of Technology

Since many responded to my previous posting, here are some more clips that might be of interest for you to watch. As Larry Appleton said in many episodes of Perfect Strangers, “Watch and LEARN”.     1. Future Vision Montage 2. Manufacturing 3. Microsoft Home 4. Banking 5. Microsoft Surface 6. MS Vision 2019 7. … Continue reading

A Futuristic Clip by Microsoft

Have you watched this clip?   It looks a something cut out from Star Trek but I do believe that we are more than halfway there. Using the advancement of technology, the world as perceived in the future will encompass the full utilization of applications and internet connectivity will not only be ultra fast BUT all and around … Continue reading

World Population 7 Billion This Week

It’s all over the media. The entire World’s population will hit the 7 BILLION mark any time this week. 5 months ago, I highlighted the vital statistics of Malaysia, including the population (which had just crossed 28 million at the time of posting that article). What does 7 billion mean? For 1 thing, it means there will … Continue reading

What It Takes to Train a Trainer

I had the opportunity to attend a 5 day certification titled Train The Trainer (TTT) under Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) a few months ago. A very common topic in the world of training. After what seemed a long weekend with the family due to being mid-season for durian lovers, I woke up at 5am … Continue reading