Life Insurance and Smoking

Since this topic (Hiding Smoking from Life Insurance) gets more than 2 dozen hits every day, here is some more info that might help. It’s mainly a discussion based on this scenario :   “Our family is shopping for life insurance. My husband smokes 1-2 cigarettes a day and wants to quit, thus he thinks … Continue reading

Diabetic? Some not so good news

So what is new? who would want to be ill anyway? The not so good news to the agent (as far as life insurance is concerned) is that the probability of the home office rejecting your application for a new policy is very high – even with loading (extra charges imposed for sub standard applications). … Continue reading

8 Years Savings Plan

In this particular time of economic uncertainty, there will always be parties making profit. It is currently a buyers market and ca$h is King. So, some people ask me, what can they do for a short to mid term savings alternative compared to keeping in the FD or for those who have their ASB account … Continue reading

Sign Up before its too late

I was on the PLUS highway this morning when an old friend who I had lunch with recently called up to ask this question : “My son has quite a high fever & I might need to admit him to a private hospital because we spent the whole morning yesterday at a government hospital just … Continue reading

Latest UPDATE from Pn M’s Blog

Finally, an UPDATE from Pn M ! Please read on & get COVERED ! Saturday, December 29, 2007 A Turn of Events It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Many things have manifested in my life. I resigned from my job at the end of October. In the beginning, I thought I … Continue reading

Have you repaid your study loan?

It might be your brother, sister, cousins, neighbors or even your spouse! Well, the only logical thing to do is pay up. If you can’t pay the recommended amount i.e. RM 200 a month, there is always room for negotiation. The main point, just make sure you pay. As the article below states, I do … Continue reading

Did you know?

So, thats where all the money is going! Look at all those zeros! That comes to almost half a billion RM every month! Well, maybe its easy for me to say as I don’t smoke. And I do know some close friends/relatives who have tried to quit many many times.There are those who succeed but … Continue reading

EPF for tuition fees

Is this due to the lack of planning by parents OR are education costs today higher than ever before OR is there a shortage of places for a student to receive quality education. When I say quality, it means that the college or university that the kids go to have qualified lecturers, not just any … Continue reading

Protecting Your Assets With Umbrella Insurance

At some point, you have probably heard of umbrella insurance, but have no idea what it is. Well, first off, it does not cover the umbrella you protect yourself from the rain. It is a figure of speech. An umbrella policy is designed to shield you from almost everything that your home and auto insurance … Continue reading

Buying Term Life Insurance

If you are the breadwinner for your family or you provide a significant portion of your family’s income that they can’t live without it is important that you purchase life insurance. This ensures that your family will be financially taken care of in the event something unfortunate happens to you. While you can purchase whole … Continue reading