An Interview with

The full URL for skorcareer is, a site that adresses major issues in the hunt for that perfect job you always dreamed of. It’s also a valuble resource for headhunters. Get a complete job search guide: free resume sample, cover letter and popular interview questions, also available in downloadable format. You can also get our complete … Continue reading

Cars : Honda Accord from Jeddah

Well, this was the title of the email. It interests me to post this as some of you came here looking for modifications on Honda Accords. So, look & behold ! 

C2210 serviced by engineers at Fujitsu Malaysia

No, it’s not a motorcycle license plate! It the model of my notebook which is now undergoing a major transplant for the LCD panel housing. Since I had the hinges replaced earlier this year (close to where the crack on the LCD housing panel occured), Fujitsu agreed to waive the regular RM120 service charge. Thank goodness … Continue reading

My First Web Design

The address is at It belongs to Dr. Hj. Yahya bin Othman. You can find his personal details & academic contributions from the link above but allow me to introduce the Dr. Yahya I know. This Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Educational Studies, UPM specialized in ‘Pengajian Bahasa Melayu Sebagai Bahasa Pertama’ for his 1st … Continue reading

RM 50,000,000 to promote reading habits

  With reference to the an article titiled “TPM kecewa rakyat kurang membaca” in today’s Utusan Malaysia, it proves what I wrote previously a few months back regarding reading habits among Malaysians. Again, in this article, it states that on average, Malaysians read 2 books a year. This was based on a study conducted last year. … Continue reading

Busy busy busy…

I just read the stats report this morning. I am amazed that although I have not added new articles, many of you still continue to drop by this page. Thank you so much to all of you for your support. Talking about writing, I’m sure all of us have a thing or two to say … Continue reading

Cars : What the … ?

Another attachment in one of my emails today. Sheeesh! The owner must really have money flowing from his ears to come up with this color scheme. The title of the pic? “How to ruin a Ferarri”. But of course, art is very very subjective thus what is totally unacceptable to us might be a genuine … Continue reading

Satay Kajang : True or False?

  I received a questionable forwarded email from a friend today. It was a story about how this guy & his whole family went to have satay at one of Hj Samuri’s branches & after filling up their tummies, one of the family members saw injustice being done at the back of the outlet. Namely one … Continue reading

For non Highblooders

I was in Sabak Bernam last Saturday to visit my aunt. So, as usual, there would also be the usual visit to the market. What’s special in Sabak Bernam? Well, the seafood is cheaper compared to KL & so is the cost of living. Not only are the fish here cheap but they are also … Continue reading

Budget 2007 Summary & Comments Please refer to the above address. The summary was done by the AlJeffri Group – specialists in the field of Audit, Accounting & Taxation. It’s 95 pages in PDF format & might be of good use since all the major points from the budget speech have been extracted & given comments.