Roti Canai (the Malaysian Version)

Getting a good plate of roti canai is sometimes an issue. Some like it soft, some like it crunchy, some like it moist, some like it dry. And the condiments that go with it could be dhal gravy, chicken curry, fish curry, meat in soya sauce gravy and the list just goes on. For Malaysians … Continue reading

How Many Types of Dates are There ?

I attended an iftar (breaking fast event) a few days ago and was served with 4 different types of dates (known as tamar / tamoor or kurma in Malaysia). With Ramadhan just crossing the midway mark as of yesterday, I wonder how many types of dates there really are worldwide as even in Malaysia, when … Continue reading

What Makes a GOOD Cup of Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? ┬áRegardless of it being brewed, steamed, boiled or just the normal coffee you have by the roadside mamak stall, coffee is known to be addictive. In Malaysia, teh tarik is ALSO addictive. But so is nasi lemak, roti canai and a whole lot more. So here are some sites that … Continue reading

Some Nice Cendol & Rojak

The meeting was scheduled at 2:30 PM. I somehow arrived a wee bit early and it was smack in the middle of the mad rush for lunch. Seremban traffic does not seem as brutal compared to KL when it comes to lunch. At least there is a place to park and to sit in some … Continue reading

The common Malaysian breakfast

The info shared here might be useful for 1st time visitors to Malaysia on WHAT to eat for breakfast. Whether you’re staying in a budget hotel that serves no breakfast OR a 5 star hotel that has a buffet line, you are bound to bump into some of these common dishes that Malaysians love to … Continue reading

Higher Price for Less Quality

Ramadhan will be coming to an end about 12 days from now. Have you been to any Pasar/Bazar Ramadhan to buy food to break fast? Over the past 19 days, I have had the opportunity to visit several locations in the states of Selangor, KL, Negeri Sembilan and also Melaka. Though there were so many … Continue reading

Ramadhan once more

Today is the 7th day of Ramadhan. Muslims all over the world fast during this entire month. Here is some detailed info. Among the modern challenges of today is trying to find the best food to consume for breaking fast. I have been to Ramadhan markets in 3 different states over the past 7 days … Continue reading

Yok Mampir Cafe’s Blog

Remember my posting last year regarding home made cakes? Since Ramadhan is just next week, you better make an order before they get too busy. Here is more info on this wonderful couple who are making their mark in the local culinary scene :

Starbucks Kajang

I dropped by the recently opened Starbucks Kajang for a cup of coffee just after dinner tonight and found out 1 outstanding feature compared to all the other Starbucks that I have been to. The 1 major feature that captured my attention since I’m always on the move was the number of powerpoints inside this … Continue reading

Cakes from Chef Ezham

I’ve known Ezham since we were 13 ! That was more than 15 years ago & today, apart from running his own western food restaurant, he bakes cakes as a hobby. He not only has a passion for cooking but also had formal education from UiTM in the field of culinary arts. Not only that, … Continue reading