Are you associated with them ?

I just happened to have a discussion regarding what companies you should work for, namely the big big big ones so that there will be ‘security’ in life. Well, working for a company/corporation compared to having that company ‘work’ for you is a totally different story. Thinking about the issue reminded me to look up … Continue reading

A Millionaire Mind

I had the opportunity to spend 3 wonderful, fun packed days & nights in this seminar (The Millionaire Mind Intensive by T Harv Eker), held for the very 1st time in Malaysia & Asia by good old Harv himself & his team all the way from North America. The flew all the way, a 26 … Continue reading

Petrol Blues

some comic strips i received in my email today frm Asnida � Translation LOL – laugh out loud; OMG – Oh My God; WTF – What The F**k �


15 WAYS TO NEGATE THE RECENT FUEL PRICE INCREASE* by TV Smith 13/05/05 Improve your vehicle’s fuel consumption – by as much as 40% – by changing the way you currently drive. There is a catch, though. You’ll no longer qualify as a Malaysian driver… Link to this artcle: 1. Pump More Here & … Continue reading

April 2008

For the last 2 weeks of April, I was in the land of Brunei Darussalam. It was my first trip to Brunei & I was there on to assist in some training work to expose secondary school students on the ideas & techniques pertaining to accelerated learning and mind mapping. The trip was made possible … Continue reading

Just an update

Someone told me that they were bored of coming back and only seeing that there has been no update to my blog as late. And what more, they told me… “until now, it’s still the FELDA story”. Well, they were quite shocked when I told them that not more than 5 weeks after the guy … Continue reading