8 Ways to Make RM1 Milliion

As emailed to me by the Malaysian Youth Entrepreneurship Forum : Ask RM10 from 100,000 people you know. Considering the number of people you will get to know in your lifetime, this does not sound as ridiculous as it seems. Think franchise. Trying to sell 1,000 packets of nasi lemak daily in one location may … Continue reading

by Wira Budiman

Suatu kisah undangan pawana Sebuah persada yang kita bina Si anak desa tak lagi lena Sedang bangsanya masih merana. Dari Zaharah azam bermula Destar pertiwi ingin dibela Darul Ridzuan jemput bersila Di dua kota jiwa ternyala. Alam tumpangan silih berganti Angin Sikamat turut mengerti Arus di Gadut mengalir pasti Alunan budi terus sebati. Resminya padi … Continue reading

Collars with Style

Hmmm… what collar? Its that hard piece of your shirt that goes around your neck ! So many styles, so many options. The angle, the length, the cutting, the edge, the buttons, the curve etc. The other 2 hard pieces around your wrist are your cuffs. This collar issue came to attention during the last visit … Continue reading

SDARA Official Tie SOLD OUT !!!

After almost 3 months in the market, this tie has sold 300 pieces around the globe, accross all 5 continents. It was such a suprise to me that it was sold out during last night’s dinner !!! We were already starting to take additional orders when a few excited SDARA members came up & said … Continue reading

Satria Neo Modified

I found this on lowyat.net Not bad for the bodykit but i think buyers might want to upgrade the interior as well.

SDARA Annual Dinner 2006

Date     : 24th June 2006 Time     : 8.30 PM Venue   : Taman Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya WOW ! What an event !!! with about 1000 people who attended this function last night, things were absolutely fantastic & outrageous ! To me, what made it memorable was seeing the faces of ex teachers and ex students of Sekolah … Continue reading


Emailed to me by one of my Advisors (Kadz). He’s a gas turbine engineer at a power generation plant. Hard to imagine? Just picture the blades on the engine of a Boeing 747-400 but on a larger scale. Each blade costs more than a Satria Neo 1.6L H-Line (AT) to replace. With 3 phases totalling more … Continue reading

Book Reviews

According to a 2001 survey, the average Malaysian reads less than 2 books a YEAR !!! Hmm… sounds like the the majority of the public but then again I’m sure if you are reading my blog, you are way above average ! (hope this doesn’t sound like i’m kissing up to my readers, hahaha!)  Anyway, I do read … Continue reading

Synchrozing your Insurance & Road Tax dates

I usually get calls in the middle of dinner regarding this issue. Very simple to address actually. Eg of the problems that people normally face : Insurance expires on 24th Aug 2006 but the vehicle’s roadtax expires earlier, i.e. 20th June 2006. Like it or not, the insurance has got to be renewed or more … Continue reading

Washing your car at home …

Hmmm… sounds familliar? But most of the time, we’re more enthsiastic during that moment of purchasing all the eqiuptment i.e. sponges, car shampoo, wax, tyre gel, rims cleaner etc. So, my friends ask me, if they are just to lazy to wash (hmm, sounds fimiliar too, doesn’t it?) their car on their own at home, … Continue reading