Crossing the 200,000 Mark

This was my posting on Facebook just a few minutes ago. Thank you to everyone who have been dropping by from time to time to read and share your ideas on Readers from the USA, Malaysia and the United Kingdom are the top 3 ranked based on yesterday’s statistics. Advertisements

A New Variation of Cigarettes

Have you come across a pack of Marlboro or any other brand that has the ‘menthol ball option’ as per image below? A smoker now has the ability to ‘supercharge’ his cigarette with a sudden burst of menthol, giving that fresh ‘icy’ puff effect. Alternately, if he just wants the regular flavour of tobacco, there is no need … Continue reading

World Population 7 Billion This Week

It’s all over the media. The entire World’s population will hit the 7 BILLION mark any time this week. 5 months ago, I highlighted the vital statistics of Malaysia, including the population (which had just crossed 28 million at the time of posting that article). What does 7 billion mean? For 1 thing, it means there will … Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

Wow ! I’m sure everyone has their own personal opinion, but for me, it was as Barney (Neil Patric Harris) would say it: “Legendary” … & totally AWESOME ! I’ve just completed all 60+ episodes for all the first 3 seasons, thanks to Sir Kamal who just handed the DVDs to me one night & … Continue reading

A New Political Era ?

I’m not the type of person who likes to write much about politics. Even so, I do enjoy being just an observer of the local political landscape ever since towards the end of the last century, just before we crossed the year 2000. My history teachers can verify that I never had much interest in … Continue reading